Fordham students enter law school, which emphasizes performance, and the intensity of their academic preparation and aspirations does not diminish. Challenged by a nationally recognized faculty, the Fordham law student learns to be an advocate for the lawyer: an excellent writer, researcher, problem solver, and lawyer. Over the past decade, the quality of Fordham`s students, while still impressive, has become truly exceptional. Successful students at Fordham have excelled at one of the most selective law schools in the country, and I believe they will excel in your organization. Fordham`s career planning center offers a variety of recruitment options to meet the specific hiring needs and schedules of different employers: our on-campus recruitment program in the fall and spring semesters and our resume collection programs three times a year. I invite you to visit the Facts about Fordham section of our website to learn more about the exceptionally talented students of Fordham Law. On the information pages, you will find information on Considers all graduates by type of employer (for example, law firm) and ranks graduates by the type of job they hold for that employer (for example, paralegal), compiling data on the number of paralegals or employees employed in a law firm. The Office of International and Non-JD Programs Graduate Professional Development Program supports LLM/SJD students and former LLM/SJD in their career development and works with employers interested in recruiting LLM and SJD. The Graduate Professional Development Program is pleased to work with all types of employers to identify recruitment methods that will enable your organization to attract and recruit our highly talented LLMs and SJDs.

Mitchell Weitz, Senior Manager of Legal RecruitmentPhone: 212-636-7603 , Fax: 212-636-7852Email: Fordham Law School offers employers a variety of recruitment options to present to our student body. I recommend visiting the link above to find the recruitment option that best suits your company`s hiring needs. The Fordham Career Planning Center offers employers a variety of recruitment options to access student and alumni applications. We are pleased to work closely with employers to assess the recruitment options available and identify those that best fit their organization`s needs, and help you raise your organization`s profile with our student body. Whether your organization would like to participate in our on-campus interview program or post an opportunity through our online job board, we are confident that you will be satisfied with both the response and the quality of the Fordham Law candidate. Categorizes employed graduates based on how each graduate made the first contact that led to the job. Some students enter law school expecting career counseling services to give them employment, while many others believe jobs are managed through on-campus interviews. Even before the economy collapsed, many graduates found their jobs without the direct help of career guidance services, whether through connections or other self-initiated contacts. If no data is available for a graduate, it is marked as unknown.

Each spring and fall, the CPC organizes an extensive on-campus recruitment program. Even more legal organizations choose to recruit our students through our official resume collection programs and online job board. With a student body of 1,400 and an alumni population of more than 19,000 people with diverse talents and backgrounds, employers have generally found that Fordham law students are uniquely qualified to improve their organizations. Sincerely, Matthew DillerDean & Paul Fuller Professor of Law Recommended: NoneNot recommended: Do you have a genetic predisposition to disease? Are there any diseases in your family? Inquiries about the health status of parents or other family members. Recommended: NoneNot recommended: Requirement for the applicant to provide a birth certificate, naturalization or other proof of age. Requirement that the applicant provide proof of age in the form of a birth certificate or other document. A number of policies, standards and guidelines govern recruitment at Fordham. This section of our website contains links to details of all these policies. The subtotals in these tables do not always add up exactly because we combine two data sources, CBA and NAAP. While most of the underlying data are the same, these differences reflect some inconsistencies in definition and the NCAP`s active role in cleaning school data each summer. Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Career Planning Centre website and for your interest in our outstanding LLM/SJD students. The Career Planning Center at Fordham University Law School supports Young Women students and alumni in their career development and works closely with employers to recruit our Young Women and former Girls students.

Recommended: NoneNot recommended: Gender query. Inquiries about fertility, the use of any form of birth control or family planning. Total number of students starting law school, whether starting in winter, spring, summer or fall, or taking part-time or full-time courses.