JI-2662 Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Injury: Affirmative Defence under Section 346.63(2)(b) (withdrawn in 2004) Jury manipulation is not only an ethical violation, but a criminal offence. Depending on the state, jury manipulation can be a felony or misdemeanor. Penalties for jury manipulation may also vary from state to state. In New York, for example, bribing a jury is a Class D felony punishable by up to seven years in prison. Search for the jury instructions using the table of contents below or print the entire command set (rev. 2022). The purpose of the Jury Manipulation Act is to guarantee a party`s constitutional right to a trial by an impartial jury. In Remmer v. The U.S.

Supreme Court has ruled that jury manipulation in criminal cases would be prejudicial, meaning that the party accused of jury manipulation has the burden of proving that there is no reasonable possibility that the manipulation will affect the impartiality of the jury. Examples of jury manipulation may include providing external information to a jury and bribery, threatening or intimidating a jury to influence the verdict. Lawyers and jurors themselves may be involved in jury manipulation. JI-1262 Injury (Serious Bodily Injury) Caused by Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (2014) Word PDF JI-1260 Injury Caused by Careless Handling of a Dangerous Weapon (2011) Word PDF JI-5050 Causing Injury or Death to a Minor by Providing Alcoholic Beverages (2007) Word PDF JI-2661A Driving a Motor Vehicle with a Prohibited Concentration of Alcohol and Causing Injury – 0.08 grams or more – § 346.63(2)(a) (2004 withdrawn). JI-1265 Abandonment of a small child (withdrawn in 1989). JI-1838 Interference with the Parental Rights of the Other Parent: Hiding a Child (withdrawn 1989) JI-2663A Driving a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of an Intoxicant – Civil Forfeiture (2006) Word PDF JI-1466 Intentionally Accompanying a Person Driving a Vehicle Without the Owner`s Consent (2016) Word PDF JI 115_EXAMPLE Several charges of first-degree child sexual abuse: Sexual contact with a person who has not yet reached the age of 13: three victims (renumbered Criminal JI-116_EXAMPLE in 2004). JI-128 Indictment Settled During Trial (2014) Word PDF. JI-1536 Fornication: Sexual intercourse with a person under 18 years of age (withdrawn in 1989). JI-1343C Buying a Firearm (2019) Word PDF JI-412 Party to the Crime: Removing a Conspiracy (2008) Word PDF JI-2630 Driving a Motor Vehicle to Escape or Attempt to Escape an Officer (2019) Word PDF. JI-6047 Solicitation of a Child for Delivery of a Controlled Substance (2010) Word PDF JI-2198 Non-Compliance with Sex Offender Registration Requirements (2021) Word PDF. JI-418 Note on Instructions Withdrawn: 405, 410, 415 (1994) Word PDF JI-2902 Offer or Sale of an Unregistered Security (2014) Word PDF. JI-1220-1246 Assault and Related Offences: introductory commentary (withdrawn in 2009).

JI-805A Legal notice: Self-defense according to § 939.48 (1m) (2022) Word PDF. JI-6100 Obtaining a Prescription Drug by Fraud (2005) Word PDF JI-515 Unanimous Verdict and Presiding Judge`s Selection (2012) Word PDF. JI-2174 Compulsory Education (2006) Word PDF JI-1610 Permission to Use Real Estate as a Place to Play (2009) Word PDF. JI-1325 Possession of a Pistol by a Minor: A Minor Armed with a Pistol (Withdrawn in 1989) JI-525 Instruction After Receipt of Verdict (2001) Word PDF. JI-112A_EXAMPLE Armed Robbery: Robbery (Unarmed) (2000) Word PDF JI-SM-40 Court Direction to the Accused on the Charges and Before Accepting a Guilty Plea for Sex Crimes (withdrawn 1991). JI-955 Privilege: Discipline by a Parent (retired in 1989) JI-1981 Harassment of Police or Firefighters (2005) Word PDF JI-1468 Issuing a Value Check: Misdemeanor (2004) Word PDF JI-1241A Battery to Guardian ad Litem, Company Attorney, or Attorney (2022) Word PDF. JI-SM-9 When a Jury Asks to Hear/View Audiovisual Evidence During Proceedings (2022) Word PDF JI-1882 Racketeering Activity – Acquiring or Maintaining an Interest or Control in a Business Through Extortion Activities (2008) Word PDF JI-2672A Act Note: The Defence of „Justification“ (2010) Word PDF.